Hi, I'm Vadim Renik, I am Unix/LinuxSystem Administrtaor. I've been managing UNIX and Linux systems for the past 8 years. I've been in IT for as long as I can remeber. I started at making my own computers based on Intel's 8051 microprocessor. I did some java programming for a while.

Now, I am Senior Admin for Linux, Unix, SAN, HP hardware, Virtualized environment and NAS at 1800flowers.com.

My more recent projects were:
  • Single SignOn and Privilege escalation with Centrify
  • Puppet implementation
  • MFA with Cntrify
  • HP OneView implementation
  • HP blades refresh
  • Virtualization with VMware, HP Blades, HP Interconnects, EMC storage
  • Data Center migration, closing and reconfiguration
  • PCI & SOX security compliance
  • OS upgrades for EOL systems